Member of the Black Truffle's Brotherhood "Tuber Melanosporum"

Company Charles Vian
Rue Terradou
84200 Carpentras (FRANCE)

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Truffles "tuber melanosporum"
C. Chaline
The promotion of the BLACK TRUFFLES of CARPENTRAS has been done in a first time by the POPES OF AVIGNON masters of the COMTAT VENAISSIN. At the 19eme CENTURY the black truffle is very famed, and the first truffles are cultivated .

From 1840, a policy of plantation is adopted and today the production in our region is 30 to 40 tons by year (if we have some rain in summer).
The tree conditions to have black truffles in our region are filled:geological with a calcareous ground, aromatic and forest vegetation of the MONT VENTOUX and the labour of men to replace the old trees and have done new plantations.
Carpentras, in the heart of Provence